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FAQs - About Us

1, How much capacity can you produce each month?

We have 120 production lines with a total monthly production output of 125,000 tons. The annual export volume is up to 10,000 tons.

2. What are your advantages?

We have good experience in your market. For the same cost, we do better because we have strict production process control. We have an independent inspection department to check the quality.

3. What are your main markets?

Our market covers the whole world. One of the main markets is your market.

4. I have checked your quality, and it is the same as others, but your price is higher, why?

The appearance is almost the same, after using you will find the quality is different. Our process is different from many plywood factories and costs slightly more, but the quality is much higher. That's why all our orders are repeat orders.

5. Can you send free samples to my office?

We are willing to provide you with free samples and appreciate you pay the shipping cost.

FAQs - About Products

A. Decking

1. What is the temperature range that your WPC can use?

-40 to 60 degrees.

2. What is the lifespan of your WPC?

Without external damage, it can be used for 15-20 years.

3. Will your WPC fade?

To be honest, our WPC had some fading in the first 3 months after installation, but it wasn't noticeable.
To be honest, our policewoman had some fading 3 months after the first install, but it wasn't noticeable.

4. What are the advantages of solid floors compared to hollow floors?

Not easy to crack. Higher tensile strength. The load-bearing deformation is small. Low water absorption. The joist span can be relatively large.
Not easy to crack. Higher tensile strength. Less and bearing deformation. Low water absorption. The joist span is relatively large.

5. What is your co-extrusion WPC material?

Shielding layer (protective layer): Engineering plastics. Core material: wood-plastic composite.
Not easy to crack. Higher tensile strength. Less and bearing deformation. Low water absorption. The joist span is relatively large.

6. Can it be said that co-extrusion WPC is better than ordinary WPC?

We cannot simply say which one is better. Different customers have different preferences. For co-extruded WPC, there will be no fading problem, more scratch resistance, and more stain resistance.

7. What characteristics of raw materials and final products will you test?

Wood fiber: ash, fiber size, moisture content.
-HDPE: melt index, ash content, physical properties test of finished products
- Finished product: melt index, ash content, physical property test of finished product
- Final product: strength test, boiling test and expansion rate test, temperature cycling test, outdoor UV test

B. Wpc Wall Panel

1.How to install WPC outdoor wall cladding?

Generally, it should install keel first. Fix the WPC board on the keel using nail gun, and then plug another WPC board. One after another till the installation is finished.

2. Do WPC products need painting?

As the difference with the wood, WPC products themselves own color, they need not extra painting.

3.Where will use WPC products?

WPC products are widely used currently.
For outdoor, it was mainly used at gardens landscape, the beach road, villa yard, etc;
For indoor, it was mainly used for kitchen, balcony, TV setting wall, etc.

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